Food bank could be shifted for new medical facility in Bromley’s town centre

Bromley Council will consider off-loading the Adventure Kingdom site at its civic centre headquarters to make way for a huge new NHS health and well-being centre. The council’s executive will consider a pitch by NHS Bromley’s Clinical Commissioning Group to sell-off the building at market value, which would see the site developed into a medical centre capable of treating 600 patients a day.

Executive members have been advised to recommend the proposal, which would also see a small portion of the council’s Great Hall handed over.Health bosses have been looking for a suitable town centre site for a new medical centre for an extended period of time, according to council officers.“The CCG have been seeking suitable sites within Bromley Town Centre for some years and have commissioned various site searches to find suitable and deliverable space to meet their funding window of commitment from Central Government,” their report states.

Council said the CCG had inquired as to whether there was any council assets which would fit their needs.“Consequently the Adventure Kingdom site was identified as being a stand-alone site which is not required for Council usage and could be developed out as a Health and Wellbeing Centre,” they wrote.The Adventure Kingdom building currently houses Bromley Borough Foodbank on a short-term basis, with the existing lease due to expire on June 6, 2020.According to council, the foodbank was made aware that their lease would only be temporary.However, operators of the foodbank requested “as much notice as possible” of the need to vacate so they could look elsewhere and plan accordingly.

The council says that while it is not under any obligation to provide alternative accommodation for the foodbank, officers will “assist” to see if the council has any suitable vacant accommodation when the bank is required to leave.The authority added that the CCG could also consider letting the foodbank remain in the building while it awaits planning permission for their scheme.

A report by NHS Bromley CCG in April 2019 states that approximately 600 patients are predicted to attend the centre daily.It also details the broad range of services that will be available at the centre, which would provide GP and nurse-led consultations, examinations, assessments, reviews and treatment.The CCG has been awarded two separate pots of funding for the project, with both pending final business case approval.It would see up to £11m available for the project, made up of £3m from NHS England’s Estates and Technology Transformation Fund and £8m from NHS capital funding.

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